Samsung Wave Hard Reset/Factory Reset

Here’s a quick tip for our  Samsung Wave owners. If you need to wipe your device completely clean (maybe you’re selling it or returning it), you’ll need to perform a hard reset aka.  factory reset . Reset function in the Wave’s settings menu does not remove all data, making it pretty much useless in this situation. All Bada Apps will remain working.

Okay, here is the guide on how to factory reset or hard reset your samsung wave, but before going ahead with that, please take a backup of your files etc. to microSD card on the phone or to your computer, because hard reset is going to wipe all of the data off the device memory including apps that are not part of the Operator’s Firmware and reset it back to the point it was, when you got it.

Samsung Wave Hard Reset Instructions:

  • Take a backup of your files
  • Turn off your mobile phone and take the Sim card out of it
  • Now turn the phone on again and dial following code
  • *2767*3855#
Samsung Wave Hard Reset

Samsung Wave Hard Reset

Following message should come up when you enter the above code

“Just wait a moment! Phone are being full reset, then phone will be restarted automatically”.

Samsung Wave hard reset process should take a few minutes.

Once you type this code into your Samsung Wave, it will begin the reset procedure ; there is no confirmation. ONLY type this code in when you need to delete all personal data on your Wave. A soft reset of Samsung Wave  is often useful in solving minor issues, and it does not affect  installed app or the saved data on device, so by doing soft reset you lose all your settings only.

If in any case your  mobile is not working after reset, search on google for your phone’s hard-reset code and enter it using your keypad. That should do it.