Samsung Bada Apps

Samsung Bada Apps

Samsung Bada Apps

Bada is an operating system for mobile phones developed by Samsung Electronics. Its name is derived from “바다 (bada)”, meaning “ocean” or “sea” in Korean. It ranges from low-end feature phones to high-end smartphones. With the emergence of the new Samsung operating system bada, and the Samsung Wave, everyone wants to get their hands on it. There are many Samsung bada apps available, some paid, but most of them are free. Companies such as Twitter, EA, Capcom, Gameloft and Blockbuster have shown their support for the operating system, and many have developed some Samsung bada apps. This website is a good starting point for all your Samsung wave bada apps.

Best Samsung Bada Apps

Pretty much everyone in gaming universe is aware of the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy is now available on the bada operating system. This is a role playing game that is legendary. You can pay visits to faraway lands and enjoy your journeys through an epic story. This is one of many Samsung bada apps free download.

One of the best paid apps available is Ringtones Uncensored. Gone are the days of using badly designed sound files for your ringtone. Download this amazing app and you can stand out from everyone else with your own creative ringtone. The price to download is Rs. 99.

Basketball is a game where you can shoot free throws. This game is perfect for those times when you have nothing to do, and are desperate to find something to keep you entertained. This Samsung bada apps download accomplishes that. It can keep you entertained for hours. You get 4 balls and shoot one at a time, and the amount you make determines your high score. This is a free download.

If you want to change the look of your Samsung Wave bada phone, there are plenty of different themes available. Most of them are offered for free. These themes have been specifically designed for the Samsung Wave and offer gorgeous backgrounds.
Today, almost everyone is involved in social networking, one way or another. Todays young generation is all but addicted to social networking and the need to have information constantly flowing to them. Bebo for bada is the official Samsung bada app for the popular social networking site. These Samsung bada apps are all available as a free download from the marketplace.

Samsung Bada Apps

Samsung Bada Apps

Entertainment Samsung Bada Apps

Lounge FM is an amazing new bada app that lets you tune into radio stations and just relax. Everyone loves being lazy every once and a while. Radio has a huge fan base and is growing by the day. Lounge FM has the motto of “Listen and Relax” and that is exactly what it allows you do. The app is based on an Austrian Radio stations and promises to deliver quality music to relax with. This is a free app.
If managing your day to day life activities is tough, then Business Notes is one of the best Samsung bada apps for you. It makes managing your everyday life easier and helps keep track of and manage your daily activities. This app offers a bunch of cool features, and it’s a free download, so why not check it out?

Bada and Samsung wave FAQ

What is a Smartphone firmware? It is a program stored in ROM, and controls basic functions on start up, an example of firmware code on Bada OS : s8500XXJL2 What is a mobile app? It is term used for applications that run on smartphones, including games, themes etc. What are phone widgets? Same as desktop … Continue reading

Bada OS – Samsung Wave Tips and Tricks

Here is the list of some of some useful shortcuts, tips and tricks that you can use with your Samsung wave on you Bada os. Bada OS tips Go to the list of contacts , and if you swipe left over a contact it will open a new text message (SMS) to that contact, but if … Continue reading